New short links

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June 25, 2012: Jecko Development group announces a new configuration for the short links of the websites and web apps of the group.

Now all short URLs use the domain

Game Pack 19: more than 11.000 downloads

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Jecko Development group is proud to publish the updated download data for Game Pack 19.

Game Pack 19 has been downloaded more than 11.000 times by a large number of users all over the world, thanks to the 3 major downloads suppliers: , Softpedia and the Softonic network.

New Fonts section

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During 2011 the Jecko Development group restarted the TrueType font production and released 11 new fonts. Some of these fonts have been included in JD TypoBox for GNU/Linux and JD TrueType Collection for Windows.


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Jecko Development group reached a series of good results in the last period, while the group is working to the future software releases.

Next planned release will be AirXmas on October 2011.

5 years of Jecko Development

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On May 10 2006 started the adventure of a group of friend that shared passion for computers and ICT, they adopted the nickname of Jecko Development to sign their activities in software and web development.

In this celebrative post we would to remeber some important persons in the Jecko Development's story.

New fonts

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JD Familla e JD LCD Rounded started the new font production by the Jecko Development group, these two fonts with Jecko Legacy, first Jecko Development's font, are included on the well known font collections JD TrueType Collection (for Windows) and JD TypoBox (for GNU/Linux). Next days we'll release the 5th version of JD TrueType Collection that will include two new fonts designed by Jecko Development: JD Stars and JD Rings.

About Downloads

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Jecko Development checks carefully every file provided to the end users. Each file passes several security and integrity checks, they are scanned also against malware and virus with the last technologies available.

New look

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With the release of JD Web Surfer 6, the group Jecko Development started a process of restyling of its software, adopting a new model of logos for the browser and JD Web Works 3.

New logos of JD Web Surfer and Web Works show a blue wave, and this wave (but in different colors) is now shown on other product logos of Jecko Development's softwares.

Beyond Jecko Legacy

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On March 30, 2007 Jecko Development released its first truetype font: Jecko Legacy, that is installed with all Jecko Development's software.

Soon Jecko Development will release two new fonts.

News in the pipeline

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How the title says, the Jecko Development group has many news in the pipeline, in fact we have a series of projects and updates that will be released soon and we'll complete the renewal process of our software.

Below a "roadmap" of the next updates.

JD Web Surfer - results

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Good result for JD Web Surfer 6 and JD Web Works, that registered already a great number of downloads.

In fact JD Web Surfer was downloaded over 300 times in the first week since the release.

New help and support section

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Jecko Development, in order to provide a full technical support service to users, opens a new Help & Support Section, where users can easily find all informations about software and ask for the free technical support service.