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Fonts production in Jecko Development restarted in 2011, was crowned by the JD TrueType Collection 5 release that included five fonts entirely designed by the Jecko Development group.

Today we're very happy to announce a new line of celebratory fonts: JD Nadia, JD Eugenia and JD Gina.


JD Nadia FontJD Nadia is a "general purpose" TrueType fonts, its simplicity allows users to adopt it even in non-creative documents. The font is composed by 170 glyphs, including capital and small letters, numbers, accents and many symbols.

JD Eugenia is a particular font, in fact letters and symbols are designed into boxes. It is composed by 101 glyphs including capital and small letters, numbers and symbols.

Another general purpose font is JD Gina, composed by 183 glyphs including capital and small letters, accents, numbers and many symbols.


New fonts will be released soon.


JD Eugenia TrueType Font

JD Gina TrueType Font