Four brand-new typefaces

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During January 2013, the Jecko Development Group released 4 new typefaces: JD Tyr, JD Fynx, JD Wave and (just today) JD Fantasy.

The released fonts are available for free download on, and websites.

JD AirXmas 2011

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Since 2007 Jecko Development group published a Christmas Game: JD AirXmas.

JD AirXmas is a "Christmas version" of the videogames' classic known as Arkanoid or as Breakout, a "normal" version is also published by Jecko Development: Air3 (included in Game Pack) and the standalone Air3 Special.

Three handwriting fonts

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Yesterday on Facebook and Twitter the Jecko Development group announced the availability of two new fonts, JD Hands and JD Jerk published on the group's page at Today the group announced another new font: JD Brush.

13 fonts available

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Few days ago the Jecko Development group opened the Font section on its website, publishing 12 TrueType fonts, compatible with the most common operating systems and available for free download. While JD TrueType Collection 5 overtook 4000 downloads and the group improved the font section and announced the availability of a new font!

Air3 Special

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The new version of Air3 Special was expected for the summer, but today Jecko Development is happy to announce the release of JD Air3 Special 11, the best known game of Game Pack.

JD TypoBox for Linux

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The software release #71 of the Jecko Development group's production, called JD TypoBox 1.0 represents a new deal for the group, in fact it's the first Jecko Development product for GNU/Linux operating systems.

It's also the first software release compatible with PitendaOS

JD Web Surfer 6.2 - JD Web Works 3.1

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Bugfix release for JD Web Surfer 6 and JD Web Works 3, the updates fix an execution trouble on 64bit systems and contain other improvements. Released today JD Web Surfer 6.2 and JD Web Works 3.1, update is recommended.

JD Notes 5

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New version also for JD Notes, the quick text editor of the Jecko Development. It's a bigfix release, in fact in this many bugs were fixed.

JD Web Surfer 6

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The second release of 2011 is JD Web Surfer 6, a browser by Jecko Development. The new version comes with a series of news, such as a new rendering engine and a new lightweight user interface.