A series of brand-new fonts

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Many new fonts improve font collection by Jecko Development, in fact the group released brand-new handwriting fonts, two Sans-Serif fonts and the 2nd version of JD Familla TrueType Font.

Past days the Jecko Development group published four handwriting fonts: JD Veronica, JD Fabiola, JD Rossella and JD Teresa from the celebrative line.


Two other handwriting fonts by Jecko Development are JD Techno and JD Treasure.

JD Familla was the first font of the 2011 Font Production of the Jecko Development group and it needed a bugfix, so the group released a completely redesigned version of the font JD Familla.

The group also announced two brand-new Sans-Serif TrueType fonts: JD Lecce e JD Code.

The well knonw website DaFont.com, published  9 of 26 Jecko Development's fonts: JD LED3, JD LCD Rounded, JD Erica, JD Jerk, JD Scarabeo, JD Lecce, JD Rossella, JD Eugenia and JD Code, that have been downloaded more than 15.000 times.