JD AirXmas 2011

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Since 2007 Jecko Development group published a Christmas Game: JD AirXmas.

JD AirXmas is a "Christmas version" of the videogames' classic known as Arkanoid or as Breakout, a "normal" version is also published by Jecko Development: Air3 (included in Game Pack) and the standalone Air3 Special.


JD AirXmas 2011The 5th version of JD AirXmas introduces a series of new technical features, the most important of them is the new user interaction method. In fact, user now can control the game pad using the mouse instead of using arrow keys on the keyboard, so playing is more natural and nice.

The Game's graphic is the same of the previous version, but the game has new levels and other improvements.

JD AirXmas 2011, as other Jecko Development's software, is available in two languages: Italian and English and it has a new product logo.

It's the first Jecko Development product to be digitally signed, so you won't view a Security Warning before the installation.

JD AirXmas 2011 will be available on CNET.com, Softpedia.com and on JeckoDevelopment.com (from today).

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