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Air3 Special 10

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Air3 Special is always a "guard release" for the Jecko Development group, in fact it foreshadows the development guidelines of Game Pack.

The 10th version of Air3 Special is characterized by new colours for the graphics elements and it's available in both: italian and english; users can select the desired language during the installation.

Back to origin

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Since the foundation date, the Jecko Development brand is linked to a product, our first product, that has been the center of the software production of the group for three years.

In fact into the last year, the development of our well-known product, Game Pack, was freezed.

New logo and new designer

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All team in this period is very busy, but the work on the PitendaOS project continues.

Some days ago, we presented a possible logo for the project, that's available on the dedicated page in this website.

The logo, characterized by colours fresh and brilliants, is composed by a violet tent sormounted by a Greek Pe, and in the bottom appears the name of the operating system: PitendaOS.

JD on Windows 7 Compatibility Center

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All Jecko Development's softwares are fully compatible since the launch with Microsoft Windows 7, the new operating system that has been released on october 2009.

Time ago, we submitted into the Partners' section our software as compatible with the operating system and after some tests, finally our software are published into the best software catalog for Windows 7: the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.

New leadership at JD

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Since october/november 2009 the Jecko Development group registered a series of changes overall into the administration.

The President's power will be re-configured the next 10 may, because after the october's changes, he had the control of all group's divisions.

Looking ahead, PitendaOS

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The work for the PitendaOS project continues, so the the group of student that manages the project is now divided into four small sections that have different tasks to develop and mantain the Jecko Development's operating system.

The Jecko Development group provides to the complete team all the group's know-how, the direct experiences, the staff coordination systems and will host into the official group's website all the materials of the project.

Jecko Development & OS

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Since the foundation date the Jecko Development group produced mainly software, from games to text editors, to browsers and also a media player.
In our activities, we tried to improve our techniques and our technologies to provide ever better software and only some days ago we decided to work for a new project, more difficult.