Eugenia Longhin

Eugenia Longhin achieved the scientific degree at I.I.S.S. "F. Redi" of Squinzano and actually she attends the Company Economy at the Economy Faculty of University of Salento.

She is a constant and solar girl, ready and open to world transformations.

She joined Jecko Development group on october 2009, invited by the leader, during the group update.

In Jecko Development she is the Corporate Secretary General, she followed since the foundation the group because of her friendship with the leader. Now Eugenia isn't an external follower of Jecko Development, but she collaborate with it for the success.

Eugenia is also the Technical Support Manager and she is also the Content Vice-Director of the Squinzano Senza Frontiere project.

Since 2011 Eugenia is the Vice President of the group.