PitendaOS is a new open source operating system

Soon further information about the project

PitendaOS official team

User Experience Team

  • Remo Arena - Manager
  • Simone Laierno
  • Michele Zingarelli
  • Alessandro Romita

Research & Development Team

  • Giovanni Campo - Manager
  • Luca Marzo
  • Alessandro Guido

Production Team

  • Federico Petruzzi - Manager
  • Donato Catalano
  • Piero Zito
  • Giacomo Semeraro

Help & Documentation Team

  • Remo Arena - Manager (ad interim)
  • Giampiero D'Autilia


Powered by   Ubuntu

Works are managed by the Pytend Team Leadeship Board.

Pytend Team Leadership Board

  • Luca Marzo - Project Manager
  • Remo Arena
  • Giovanni Campo
  • Federico Petruzzi


The Official PitendaOS logo is an original creation of Andrea Martellotti

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