Featured products

  • Game Pack 19

    Re-Discover the emotions of videogames' classics with Game Pack 19. Arcade games, breakout, pong, car racing, flipper, pacman, rally and so on!

    Game Pack 19

    JD TrueType Collection 6

    A package of 600 free TrueType fonts for Windows OS. Try it and refresh your documents and graphics with brand-new exclusive fonts.

    600 Free Fonts

  • Many free Fonts

    Download freely more than twenty TrueType fonts designed by Jecko Development.

    JD Fonts

    JD Web Surfer

    The new WebKit-based high speed browser by Jecko Development. Easy and fast.

    JD Web Surfer

Jecko Development

Jecko Development is the nickname used by a group of friends signing thier ICT activities.

We mainly develop software, but we produce also computer fonts, websites, web applications, forum, videos and professional slideshows.

Jecko Development was an italian translator of the Ubuntu project.

Our best-known product is Game Pack, first software of the group, but since 2008 the software production line was improved so now we produce and freely distribute a text editor, JD Notes, a lightweight web browser, JD Web Surfer and other softwares.

Jecko Development, with JD Web Services Dept., produces also websites, web portals and complete dynamic web solution, such as WebTV and e-Commerce websites.