Looking ahead, PitendaOS

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The work for the PitendaOS project continues, so the the group of student that manages the project is now divided into four small sections that have different tasks to develop and mantain the Jecko Development's operating system.

The Jecko Development group provides to the complete team all the group's know-how, the direct experiences, the staff coordination systems and will host into the official group's website all the materials of the project.


Jecko Development will be also the unique distributor of the PitendaOS operating system.

PitendaOS will be a small "revolution" for our computers. Obviously in the first versions, it will be only yet another Linux distribution, but the constance and the care of the team will improve the system that will become a stable and supported product, a real alternative. PitendaOS is thought to be used by young people, by students, by people who wants to take his first experience with Open Source software and wants a distribution studied for them.

Luca Marzo
PitendaOS Project Manager
CEO - Jecko Development


PitendaOS was born our common passion for Information Technology, from our desire to learn and from the mystic attraction for the creation of an operating system, user and students-oriented. So we considered the didactic aims but also entertainment and multimedia.

Remo Arena
User Experience Team Manager