PitendaOS, pre-organization

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The work and the research on the open source operating system continues unstoppable.

Soon PitendaOS will be much more of an idea or a project.


To improve the efficiency and reduce the development period, the team has been divided into four sub-teams with different functions and tasks, these teams will work under the control of the Project Manager.

The sub-teams are:

  • User Experience Team
  • Research & Development Team
  • Production Team
  • Help & Documentation Team

Remo Arena leads the User Experience Team, he is one of the most active members of the project. Remo leads also the Help & Documentation team.

Giovanni Campo leads the section Research & Development.

Luca Marzo, already Project Manager of PitendaOS, joined the Research & Development team.

The Production Team works under the leadership of Federico Petruzzi.

PitendaOS 1.0 will be released into the 2010, soon other news.