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Since the foundation date, the Jecko Development brand is linked to a product, our first product, that has been the center of the software production of the group for three years.

In fact into the last year, the development of our well-known product, Game Pack, was freezed.


Surely Game Pack 18 is the most successful Jecko Development's product, known and used by italian and foreign users and it's also present into two important websites: the Windows 7 Compatibility Center (italian) and the software oriented website CNET.

So thank also to the presence in those website, Game Pack 18 Standard Edition become the most successful software of JD and become the first version of this product to be used also in extra-italian territory.

Game Pack 18 was released on may, 10 2009, and for 14 months registered a very high number of downloads from the publishing locations and an important number of software registration over the official website.

The great success of Game Pack, let us to announce the works opening for a new Game Pack's version that will be published before the winter.

Game Pack 19, codename "Crystal" will be the first version to be available both in italian and english.

As the previous version, Game Pack will be freeware and it will require a free registration.