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Enhanced the presence of Jecko Development on CNET by the publishing of Air3 Special 10, on the most famous software downloads and rewiews.

Another important progress in the software distribution for the group, in fact in this moment Air3 Special is the product where the group focused its attention.


Air3 Special represents a milestone for us, it marks a new course for the Jecko Development group's software production. It's our first bilingual release and the presence on CNET will help us to gain more users than our standard channels. We believe that it's the time to come through the limit of our italian only releases and, whatever will be the results of the Air3 Special experiment, our software production, like as the Jecko Development group's official blog will be completely available both in Italian and English.
The presence on the american Windows Vista Compatibility Center at the time of Game Pack 17, the following presence on the Windows 7 Compatibility Center (Italian) with 6 of our products, like as Game Pack 18, expanded our public, now social networks allows us to reach even more users all over the world and the English language makes us available to anyone who want to discover the Jecko Development's softwares.

Luca Marzo
Jecko Development

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