SSF - City Information Center

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The reorganization of the project Squinzano Senza Frontiere was not finished with the new Partners section and with the pages of local artists. In fact these operations were just an opening to the content revolution done on the portal.


Squinzano Senza Frontiere received a real content injection, contents are new and updated and the new organization makes the website more useful and simple.

Two keywords characterized Squinzano Senza Frontiere updates: informations and tourism.

The Tourism section has been reorganized, now there are all bar, restaurants, travel agencies, bed&breakfasts and so on, so who wants to come to Squinzano can find all needed informations.

There are also informations about banks, Post office, Pharmacies, Schools, acting companies and associations.

Squinzano Senza Frontiere so wants to become the City Information Center online and the next operations confim this guideline.