Game Pack Revolution

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A few days remaining to the release of Game Pack 19 and there are some news about it.

A series of new features will be introduced into the most important product of Jecko Development, key point is to improve the distribution of the product after the big success of the previous version.


Game Pack 19 will be a long term release, infact, like the 18th version, it will be available for over a year and the Jecko Development group will provide technical support for three years.

Finally a worldwide release, infact Game Pack 19 will be distributed as a combo version that contains two languages: Italian and English, so users can choose the desired language during installation.

Another fact is that no installation/activation ke will be required. Jecko Development group decided to simplify the installation process, deleting the key request, after the big sucess of Game Pack 18, that registered more than 1300 installations, against our prevision of 500. Without the installation key, users that download Game Pack from different mirrors, can install the product without any problem.

Important feature is a new game that will be included in Game Pack 19: Golfer, but we don't want to say more about it.

Game Pack 19 will be released into the next months because of some delays during the production steps.