GP19 - Step 1 Completed

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Completed the first step of the Game Pack 19 development, project codename "Crystal". It will be released around the first half of november 2010.

During this step of the project development games for Game Pack 19 have been updated and now are in the Release Candidate Status.


Good results reached in this step of the development, new games resolved a series of bugs and issues that were present in Game Pack for several releases.

Two games in particular were strongly modified: Air3 and JBall.

Air3 had an issue that allowed ball to go out of the game room when the user platform were aligned to the left. Other bug disallowed the user platform to move completely in the game room. All these issues were correctly fixed in the new Air3. We introduced also a new user platform and we improved also the movements of the platform.

JBall always had a bug that allowed the ball to go out of the game room, passing through the flippers. It was mainly a graphic issue, that was fixed for the game included in Game Pack 19.

Works on games were officially completed.

Game Pack 19 Roadmap

  1. Games development
  2. Launcher User Interface development // Game Pack Start Console
  3. Help and support files
  4. Packing and setup program
  5. Test and distribution (around the first half of november 2010).