GP19: Step 2 completed

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Completed also the second step of the Game Pack 19's roadmap. The second step was the development of the game launcher interface: Game Pack Start Console.

But a series of changes arrived in this step of development, that continues producing documentation and the setup software, the third and the fourth steps of the roadmap.


Game Pack Start Console, is a natural evolution of the previous version, it's characterized by a minimalist style Game Pack 19interface, based on Microsoft Office Fluent 2010, style interface. A lightweight, compact and elegant window, with at the center the Game Pack 19 logo, developed only for the product, surrounded by the buttons that start games.

For the first time, after 4 years from the first release, Game Pack has a logo, composed by four coloured petals and the classic blue Jecko Development logo. The new product logo will be used in Game Pack Start Console, in the documentation and in the setup program.

Game Pack 19 marks a new "Open" period for Jecko Development group, in fact there are two important changes: no activation key required and a new license model.

No activation key is required to install Game Pack 19, because Jecko Development wants to improve the number of installations and to extremely simplify the installation process.

Game Pack 19 will have also a new license model, because the old license agreement was not right for a freeware like Game Pack. The new EULA (End User License Agreement) is simpler and shorter, but it grants user and JD rights.

The development of Game Pack 19 continues, in fact we're already writing documentation and the support files.