GP19: Step 3 and 4 completed

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The development process of Game Pack 19 continues: today Jecko Development completed two other steps of the five-points roadmap published last month.

The release date of Game Pack is soon.


Jecko Development publishing the official roadmap, announced the release for the first half of november 2010.Game Pack 19 - Work in progress

Today the development team completed the steps 3 and 4 of the process: English and Italian documentation is ready and also the work on the setup software is finished.

The Game Pack's User Guide are documents in the PDF file format, based on the previous guides.

The setup software of Game Pack 19 has been deeply modified: now it's lighter and faster, it does not ask for personal data or installation codes. It allows users to choose the desired language before the installation process and it's 400kb smaller than the previous installer.

So the production process of Game Pack 19 is near to be completed, today we started the last step of the roadmap: Testing!