JD Web Surfer 6, work in progress

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The followers of the Jecko Development group discovered a few days ago that we're working on the new version of our broswser JD Web Surfer 6.

In fact on the official Jecko Development Facebook Page, we published an image that marks a new direction on the development of the JD browser and an important reward.

JD Web Surfer 6, actually on the initial development step, passed the Acid3 Tests, the hardest tests for web browser, obtaining an excellent result: 99/100 points.


JD Web Surfer 6 - Acid3 Tests

This result has been possible thanks to the changes in the new version of the browser, in fact the new JD Web Surfer 6 will use a new open source rendering engine that improve the quality of the web exploration.

The date of the release of the new JD Web Surfer 6 is unknown at the moment, but the product will be very competitive as say the following results:


  • JD Web Surfer 5: 13/100
  • JD Web Surfer 6 Alpha: 99/100
  • Internet Explorer 8: 20/100
  • Internet Explorer 9 Beta 1: 95/100
  • Apple Safari 4: 100/100
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6: 94/100
  • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 Beta 1: 97/100
  • Google Chrome: 100/100