News for JD Web Works

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JD Web Works is a software that mixes two Jecko Development previous softwares: JD Web Surfer and JD Notes.

The original idea was to create a software that provides a quick web browser and a simple text editor.


The third version of JD Web Works will introduce a series of changes, based on the new development line of JD Web Surfer.

A few days ago the Jecko Development group published the Acid3 tests results of the development version of JD Web Surfer 6, that achieved 99/100, a very good result thanks to the new rendering engine.

In fact JD Web Surfer 6 will use the Webkit rendering engine, already used by Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

JD Web Works 3, that will be released before the new version of JD Web Surfer, will use also Webkit, and registered the same score at the Acid3 tests.

Also the logo of JD Web Works underlines the relationship with JD Web Surfer.


JD Web Works 3