Game Pack 18 no more available

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Game Pack 18 is no more available from the official distribution channels of Jecko Development.

Game Pack 18 was released on May 10, 2009, and achieved very good results on downloads.


Game Pack 19

More than 500 downloads from and over 1000 downloads from the Jecko Development's official website.

A big achievement for the Jecko Development group, in fact we removed the required registration of the product in Game Pack 19, the new version, released on October 26, 2010. The new release registered approximately 1000 downloads.

Game Pack 19 is available in Italian and English.

Have been removed from our download center also some old versions of our software, such as JD Web Surfer 3, JD Web Surfer 5, JD Web Works 2 and the Help File of Game Pack 18.

2011 started with the release of JD Web Works 3 (January 2), followed by JD Web Surfer 6 (January 11) and soon Jecko Development will release JD TrueType Collection 5 and JD Notes 5.