News in the pipeline

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How the title says, the Jecko Development group has many news in the pipeline, in fact we have a series of projects and updates that will be released soon and we'll complete the renewal process of our software.

Below a "roadmap" of the next updates.


JD Web Surfer

The simple and quick browser signed Jecko Development achieved a very high success, in fact it registered many downloads from the Softpedia website. The future development of JD Web Surfer will follow two directions: the 6.x series of the product that will improve the features and the stability of the browser and will be graphically the same of the actual 6.2 release; the 7.x series that will introduce the Tabbed Navigation and other interesting features. Both series of the product will include an Update Manager.

JD Web Works

The hybrid solution that combines a browser and a text editor will follow the technical developments of JD Web Surfer and the text editor will be improved. Also in this product will be included an Update Manager.

JD TrueType Collection

JD TypoBox

The oldest software in distribution is the 4th version of JD TrueType Collection, released on May 2009. Jecko Development will release the 5th version of JD TrueType Collection that will use the new logo of the product.The new version will be released on May 2011 and will include new features and new exciting fonts.

JD TypoBox

The most interesting of the news is JD TypoBox, a new product of the Jecko Development group, that will be released very soon. JD TypoBox name born from the fusion of the words "Typography" and "Box", the product is a new version of JD TrueType Collection for the GNU/Linux Operating System, in particular for Debian, Ubuntu and derived distribution, and for PitendaOS. JD TypoBox will provide a wide package of TrueType Fonts and is intended for Graphic and Web Designers that will have free creative fonts also on GNU/Linux.


PitendaOS Compatible

Jecko Development manages also the project PitendaOS, the Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution. In fact we're currently test  a series of software that will be included into the distribution. To reinforce the involvement of the group, we planned the release of JD TypoBox, firt product of Jecko Development created for the GNU/Linux world.

JD TypoBox will be also the first software to show the logo "PitendaOS Compatible", logo that could be applied to all software compatible con Ubuntu.