Beyond Jecko Legacy

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On March 30, 2007 Jecko Development released its first truetype font: Jecko Legacy, that is installed with all Jecko Development's software.

Soon Jecko Development will release two new fonts.


New fonts by Jecko Development are:JD Familla Font

  • JD Familla
  • JD LCD Rounded

JD Familla is a TrueType font composed by light and smooth lines and by simple glyphs, as shows the image on the right side. JD Familla font has been designed completely by Jecko Development.


JD LCD Rounded is a truetype font based on two existing fonts: LCD Plus and LCD Screen. Letters and symbols of JD LCD Rounded are made with circles. A demo of the font is shown above.

New fonts by Jecko Development will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, that allows anyone to redistribute fonts freely.

JD LCD Rounded Font

JD Familla and JD LCD Rounded will be included in JD TypoBox (GNU/Linux) and in JD TrueType Collection (Windows).


Other fonts will be released soon, following their names:

  • JD Uggenia
  • JD Coldline
  • JD Erica