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With the release of JD Web Surfer 6, the group Jecko Development started a process of restyling of its software, adopting a new model of logos for the browser and JD Web Works 3.

New logos of JD Web Surfer and Web Works show a blue wave, and this wave (but in different colors) is now shown on other product logos of Jecko Development's softwares.


JD AirXmasIn fact, a green wave characterize the JD Notes 5 and JD TrueType Collection's wave is copper. This logo will be adopted by the 5th version of the product. The same template has been used for JD TypoBox, a new product released a few days ago.

Today Jecko Development group shows officially new product logos for Game Pack, JD Air3 Special and JD AirXmas, to complete the graphic renewal process. Air3 Special

The new logo for JD AirXmas shows a red wave and graphic elements inspired to Christmas events: a Christmas Tree with presents and Santa Claus raising glass. This logo will be used on the next version of AirXmas, that will be published on November 2011.

A new logo also for JD Air3 Special, that shows a preview of the future of this software. In fact are used as symbol of the product some balloons, that will be used instead of coloured bricks. Next version could be published during the summer.

A package from which come out fantasy characters, wizards, butterflies, diamonds and other elements, with a cyan wave, represent the most important product of Jecko Development: Game Pack, the new product logo would to summarize all the games included in the software.

With the end of the look and feel renewal process has been completed the first step for the Jecko Development's 5th birthday celebrations.


Game Pack