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JD Familla e JD LCD Rounded started the new font production by the Jecko Development group, these two fonts with Jecko Legacy, first Jecko Development's font, are included on the well known font collections JD TrueType Collection (for Windows) and JD TypoBox (for GNU/Linux). Next days we'll release the 5th version of JD TrueType Collection that will include two new fonts designed by Jecko Development: JD Stars and JD Rings.


New fonts are simple and recommended for wide graphics works, because of their small design.

JD Stars is a TrueType font composed by 159 glyphs made with a series of small stars, as says the name. It's recommend for creative works, also for printed graphics.

The last font signed by Jecko Development is JD Rings, it's composed by 171 glyphs made by rings.

As the previous JD Familla and JD LCD Rounded, new fonts by Jecko Development will be released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, that allows anyone to redistribute fonts freely.

JD Rings and JD Stars will be included with JD TrueType Collection 5.0, that will be released on the 5th birthday of the Jecko Development group, on May 10.

.JD Stars TrueType Font
JD Rings TrueType Font