5 years of Jecko Development

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On May 10 2006 started the adventure of a group of friend that shared passion for computers and ICT, they adopted the nickname of Jecko Development to sign their activities in software and web development.

In this celebrative post we would to remeber some important persons in the Jecko Development's story.


At first a teacher of the High School, Prof. Lorenzo, that allowed me to start the development of games, then Stefania Del Vecchio, the first user of Game Pack, 8th version.

Jecko Development Logo

During 2006 Game Pack's development continued very speedly, in fact we released the version 11 on August, and it was the first release to be kwnown and installed by a series of friends. In this period Salvatore De Santis joined the Jecko Development group and later he became Vice President of the group (until 2009). Game Pack 11 included also a new game Air3 the root of Air3 Special (late 2006) and AirXmas (late 2007).

An important release was Game Pack 16 Gold Edition, published on the first birthday of the Jecko Development group, the first to be published on the web, on the group's Windows Live Spaces. During 2007 we released JD TrueType Collection, JD AirXmas and the first version of JD Notes, the text editor.

During 2008 Jecko Development released Game Pack 17 and a series of new software, in fact the group published: JD Notes, JD TrueType Collection, Air3 Special, JD Web Viewer, JD AirXmas, JD Web Surfer and other customized software.

During 2009 we released three versions of JD Notes, four versions of JD Web Surfer and we published JD USB AntiVirus, JD Player, JD Board and JD Web Works. We launched also our official website www.jeckodevelopment.com where was published Game Pack 18, the first version to register a big success and to be published on CNET.com. Even in 2009 three members leaved Jecko Development and Eugenia Longhin joined the group.

During 2010 we opened a translation process of our software, with the new English version of our website, the release of JD Air3 Special 10, first bilingual software of the group. Even in 2010 Jecko Development's softwares were published on the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, both in the Italian and International English versions. Jecko Development extended its interests in the GNU/Linux world with the project PitendaOS. The most important date was October, 26 2010, when we released Game Pack 19, the most successful Jecko Development's software, for the first time available both in Italian and English languages and for the first time published on Softpedia.com, CNET.com, TechRepublic.com, ZDNet.com.

At the end of 2010 the Jecko Development group started a graphic major update of our website, in fact we introduced the new Product Pages, we opened a new Help & Support section, a Feedback page, we published help pages with software's known issues.

In 2011 we continued this update process with the new product logos and with a series of software releases: JD Web Surfer and JD Web Works with the new WebKit rendering engine, JD Notes 5 with the file-opening issue resolved, JD Air3 Special 11 with the new user interaction method. The group renewed also the interests on GNU/Linux, releasing JD TypoBox. Jecko Development restored the font production, with the new TrueType fonts JD LCD Rounded and JD Familla, included in JD Typobox.

A few days ago we announced also two other fonts: JD Rings and JD Stars, so now Jecko Development's fonts are 5, an important number today, in fact we celebrate the 5th birthday of the group and we publish JD TrueType Collection 5!

The 5th version of the font-pack contains 500 free TrueType Fonts and the 5 fonts designed by Jecko Development: Jecko Legacy, JD Familla, JD LCD Rounded, JD Stars, JD Rings.

Today we announce also the new Vice-President of the group: Eugenia Longhin, that we would to thank.

Now in 2011, Jecko Development is even the nickname of a group of friends that produces freeware, but known a little more known.

Finally I would like to thank all our users and friends.