JD Web Surfer 6.2 - JD Web Works 3.1

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Bugfix release for JD Web Surfer 6 and JD Web Works 3, the updates fix an execution trouble on 64bit systems and contain other improvements. Released today JD Web Surfer 6.2 and JD Web Works 3.1, update is recommended.


JD Web Surfer 6.2

Thanks to users' feedback and after some tests, we found some troubles on the two softwares.

JD Web Surfer and JD Web Works presented a problem on the rendering engine implementation, so softwares don't function properly on 64 bits Windows operating systems.

Both the two programs presented a problem on the Google Search Box when users type more than a word on the box.

JD Web Surfer 6.2 fixes the above issues, so it functions correctly on Windows 64 bits systems and fixes the Search box issue.

JD Web Surfer 6.2 introduces also new features such as the Document Title is shown on the window title, and allows also users to open new windows during the navigation.

JD Web Works 3.1 fixes the 64 bit systems and the search box issues.

Now the software needs Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (before it needed the version 4.0).

Jecko Development apologizes for inconveniences and diseases caused by softwares.

JD Web Surfer 6.2 - Product page

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