JD TypoBox for Linux

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The software release #71 of the Jecko Development group's production, called JD TypoBox 1.0 represents a new deal for the group, in fact it's the first Jecko Development product for GNU/Linux operating systems.

It's also the first software release compatible with PitendaOS


JD TypoBoxJD TypoBox 1.0 is a product thats issues from JD TrueType Collection, it's a porting for GNU/Linux.

A collection of TrueType fonts for the following GNU/Linux distributions:

JD TypoBox is available as deb package and it's freely downloadable fromt the product page and the download area.

JD TypoBox includes 100 free thirdy-part fonts and includes also 3 fonts designed by Jecko Development: Jecko Legacy, JD LCD Rounded and JD Familla.


JD TypoBox 1.0 - Product Page

JD TypoBox 1.0 - Download