Air3 Special

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The new version of Air3 Special was expected for the summer, but today Jecko Development is happy to announce the release of JD Air3 Special 11, the best known game of Game Pack.


JD Air3 Special

The new product logo, presented some days ago, prefigured the future development of the game inspired to classics Arkanoid and Breakout, in fact, according to the logo, in the version of Air3 Special colored bricks has been replaced by nice colored balloons.

The most important change of this release is the new user interaction mode: in fact now mouse drives the user platform, instead of the old versions in which platform were controlled with arrow keys.

The new interaction method provides a more interesting and natural user experience, because with mouse is simpler to adjust speed and direction of the platform.


The game has 19 levels, with growing difficulty.

As others Jecko Development group's software, Air3 Special is a freeware and it's available both in Italian and English languages.


Air3 Special 11 Screenshot