Luca Marzo

Luca Marzo, Jecko Development Group's Coordinator, studies ICT Engineering at University of Salento, Lecce - Italy.

He attended the I.I.S.S. Francesco Redi Scientific High School (Squinzano, Italy) where he graduated with 100/100.

He started to develop software in May, 2006, when he released the first version of Game Pack.

For Jecko Development, Luca develops software and websites.

Since 2007, He is the IT Manager and the Webmaster of the Biblioteca-Mediateca "G. Cingolani" - Squinzano, as volunteer.

Since 2008, Luca is Content Manager and Web Advisor of the Squinzano City Official Website

Since January 2009, Luca manages the official website of the Istituto Istruzione Secondaria Superiore "Francesco Redi" - Squinzano.

At the end of 2009, He organized a Windows 7 Launch Party.

Since November 2009 Luca is a Team Member and he's one of the moderators of the forum.

In the late 2011, Luca joined several translation projects on the Localization Platform, where he's the Italian Coordinator Team of several famous projects, like Transifex, CKEditor, JomSocial and the OpenTranslators Hub.

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